Superior timber panelling, traditionally crafted in our local workshop.

We know timber panelling. Leveraging robust relationships with Australia’s leading sawmills allows us to confidently and consistently offer unmatched quality and value.

Our selective and sustainable sourcing practices, coupled with precision milling and in-house finishing guarantees a lasting naturally beautiful space.

Arch Heading

Panelling Profiles.

We’ve modularised timber panelling, giving you the design flexibility to select any species in the profiles displayed here.

Our standard v-joint and shiplap profiles are ideal for creating a classical, timeless environment, whilst our slat and arch series introduce an element of architectural sophistication to any space.

Applying best practice Double-Drying Technology over four seasons and Straight-Line milling machinery helps to reduce the effect of warping and cupping and maximise the 40-year durability of our Class 1 timber panelling species.


Panelling Species.

As timber advocates, we firmly believe there is no substitute for the natural beauty and warmth that hardwood timber panelling introduces to an environment. Talk with our talented team of skilled craftsmen and designers to refine what species satisfy your architectural specifications.

Through long standing relationships with leading local and international forestries and sawmills, we can confidently offer a large array of hardwood species at great value.

Being a natural material, species will inherently vary in colour – it is this variation that gives timber panelling it’s innate beauty and appeal. Learn more about timber grading below in Design Considerations.

Interactive Simulator.

Please note simulator is a visualisation of our Prefinished Range, view here

Step 1. Profile Selection

Step 2. Colour Selection



The colours and profiles shown are for illustrative reference only and are not binding.

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Design Considerations.

Achieve a truly bespoke design by utilising our wealth of industry knowledge and team of highly skilled craftsman. Seen an Instagram or architectural render that piques your interest? We’ll bring it to life for you.

In addition to selecting preferred timber species and board style and size (i.e. “profile”), it is also important to consider the following design factors.


A timber’s grading is determined by the amount of character featured, as defined by the Australian Standard AS 2796. ‘Select’ grade has minimal feature which better suits contemporary spaces, whereas ‘Standard & Better’ or ‘Feature’ grade offers greater character to create a more rustic effect.


The bulk of timber panelling has a smooth, “dressed” finish, however “rough sawn” surfaces are becoming increasingly popular as the distressed wood oozes charm, by creating an authentic and aged appearance.


Seeking a stained alternative to traditional clear oil coating? We offer in-house finishing services for superior quality control, and utilise a premium, beeswax derived penetrating oil sourced from Germany.

Board Lengths

Typically packs comprise random lengths, with the option of end matching available to minimise waste and expedite installation. However, set lengths are available at a premium for high end architectural projects.


Our heartwood.

ATC Timber Ceiling Linings Heartwood Stains Shapes

See the forest for the trees.

In design and construction, options can overwhelm.

We’ve worked hard to ‘dampen the noise’ around sampling and specifying timber features by distilling our product range into a simple yet versatile modularised framework: select timber species, shape and stain – ultimately making our workshop your design sandpit.

ATC Timber Ceiling Linings Heartwood Workshop

Everything under one ceiling.

With a world rushing towards mass production, we’ve gone against the grain, holding the profound belief that it’s not about quantity, but quality - only truly achievable by having end-to-end control and capability in-house.

We take pride in liaising directly with all stakeholders through a project’s lifecycle, from concept to post-installation support. In our experience, this collaborative and accountable way of working mitigates common building complexities, ensuring limited lead times and satisfying budget mandates.

ATC Timber Ceiling Linings Heartwood Generations

From little acorns, mighty oaks grow.

Stemming from three generations in woodcraft, Australian Timber Ceilings proudly stands as an independent, family-owned and operated workshop.

Timeless principles and endless pioneering practices are deeply engrained in our humble but hungry team. This commitment is reflected in the continual refinement of our crafting and colouring capabilities and our steadfast reputation as a dependable partner in the design and build community.