We know our niche - crafting timber into finished architectural features.

Our boutique workshop proudly shapes, stains and seals every lining board in-house, guaranteeing unmatched quality and lasting beauty for interior applications and alfresco timber ceilings.

Arch Heading

Lining Board Profiles.

The complete catalogue of colours are available across all six series; providing customers with limitless design flexibility.

Our standard v-joint and shiplap profiles are ideal for creating a classical, timeless environment, whilst our slat and arch series introduces an element of architectural sophistication to any space.

All profiles are precision machined from solid Royal Paulownia hardwood, and easily installed via a traditional secret nail tongue and groove method with glue. The timber lining boards measure either 2700mm or 3600mm lengths, with the latter featuring a randomised seamless finger joint. We also offer a variety of cover trims to complete the professional finish. 


Lining Board Finish.

Reflecting both modern designer tones and native timber species, our catalogue of luxury oil and lacquer colours naturally enhances Royal Paulownia’s stunningly straight grain.

Formulated through extensive collaboration with the world’s leading coating specialists, we utilise only pigmented colourants (i.e. non-dyes) for greater colour preservation and durability. Our lacquer collection features a 360° triple-coated UV-cured finish that yields a contemporary look, or achieve a more muted authentic appearance with our penetrating oils.

Being a genuine solid hardwood, our colours may vary from samples and among lining boards – it is this variation that gives timber its natural beauty and appeal. To ensure optimal longevity of our coatings, we highly recommend proactive monitoring of the boards and promptly notifying our team upon detection of any anomalies or concerns.

Interactive Simulator.

Select Profile and Colour to create your custom prefinished solution.

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The colours and profiles shown are for illustrative reference only and are not binding.

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Our heartwood.

ATC Timber Ceiling Linings Heartwood Stains Shapes

See the forest for the trees.

In design and construction, options can overwhelm.

We’ve worked hard to ‘dampen the noise’ around sampling and specifying timber features by distilling our product range into a simple yet versatile modularised framework: select timber species, shape and stain – ultimately making our workshop your design sandpit.

ATC Timber Ceiling Linings Heartwood Workshop

Everything under one ceiling.

With a world rushing towards mass production, we’ve gone against the grain, holding the profound belief that it’s not about quantity, but quality - only truly achievable by having end-to-end control and capability in-house.

We take pride in liaising directly with all stakeholders through a project’s lifecycle, from concept to post-installation support. In our experience, this collaborative and accountable way of working mitigates common building complexities, ensuring limited lead times and satisfying budget mandates.

ATC Timber Ceiling Linings Heartwood Generations

From little acorns, mighty oaks grow.

Stemming from three generations in woodcraft, Australian Timber Ceilings proudly stands as an independent, family-owned and operated workshop.

Timeless principles and endless pioneering practices are deeply engrained in our humble but hungry team. This commitment is reflected in the continual refinement of our crafting and colouring capabilities and our steadfast reputation as a dependable partner in the design and build community.

Profile Feature

With its interlocking edges and defined shadow line, our shiplap timber lining board profiles create a clean, uniform look that transforms any application, especially seamless ceiling-to-wall installation.

Design — Smyth & Smyth
Build — New View Building Solutions
Photo — Ventose Films

Profile Feature

Elevating any space with its timeless elegance, our VJ timber lining board profiles can also effortlessly blend indoor and outdoor ceilings for a cohesive design aesthetic.

Design — Paul Uhlmann Architects
Build — Sanctuary 28
Photo — Brock Beazley

Profile Feature

Add architectural depth to any space with our versatile batten-look slatted timber lining board profiles. Curved, straight, horizontal or vertical – the design possibilities are endless.

Design and Build — Zaleta

Profile Feature

Thanks to its captivating concaved design, our collection of fluted timber lining board profiles will be the central attraction in any architectural project.

Design — Alto Architects
Build — Cloud 10 Developments
Photo — Joe Brosnan

Profile Feature

The contoured design of our half-round dowel timber lining board profiles adds visual interest and texture to any space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Design — Raunik Design
Build — JTECH
Photo — Aaron Chapman

Lightweight | Stable | Sustainable

About Royal Paulownia.

Known as the aluminium of timber, the Royal Paulownia tree (pronounced “paul-own-ia”) is an incredibly lightweight and dimensionally stable hardwood, resulting in minimal cupping and shrinkage gaps between lining boards. It features a stunning straight, silky grain and a natural blonde patina, allowing it to take to stains exceptionally well.

Its speed of growth, knot-free structure (and thus low-waste), and inherent resistance to termites and borers make for a highly sustainable timber solution and resulted in significant plantation investments throughout Australia, Europe and North America. However, it’s seldom available domestically; rather it is exported to Japan where it is a highly prized and as such yields a premium prices.

Average Dried Weight (kg/m3)

Known as the aluminium of timbers, Paulownia/Kiri is marginally lighter to Western Red Cedar, making it an ideal solid hardwood solution for overhead installations.

Dimensional Stability (shrinkage %)

Paulownia’s incredible stability translates into minimal cupping, shrinkage or splitting, irrespective of your environment’s humidity rate.

Sustainability (years to regenerate)

Paulownia is recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the worlds fastest-growing tree, enabling controlled plantations to regenerate every six years.

Relative Flexural Strength (MOR/Density)

Due to its low density, Paulownia features a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, making it the preferred choice for historical aeroplane manufacturers.