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The Paulownia Tree is the fastest growing hardwood in the world with an annual vertical growth of over three metres.  Although classed as a hardwood, it is extremely light in weight (300kg per cubic metre) and the density makes it structurally very stable. Paulownia has a beautiful grain pattern and it's fine texture enhances any finish.   

Due to these characteristics, Paulownia is one of the most versatile timbers we have, from furniture making to sporting equipment including surfboards, musical instruments, yacht and aircraft interiors. This is why Australian Timber Ceilings are passionate about Paulownia for ceiling and wall lining board installations in commercial and residential environments across Australia.

In addition, it is probably one of the most sustainable timbers being termite and rot resistant so ideal for housing construction.

Most importantly, rainforests are not being ravaged to harvest Paulownia!


The Paulownia board having been rough sawn and kiln dried, is then machined to a tongue and groove profile (T&G).    The T&G lining boards are available in either 90 mm or 130 mm cover widths, and are 9mm and 12mm thick respectively with a small micro-bevel and lengths of 3.6 lm with a factory join. 

Once coated in either a UV Satin finish or Penetrating Matte Oil finish, the boards are packaged in pack lots of 10 boards measuring 3.24 sqm for the 90mm board and 4.68 sqm for the 130mm board.  

Our 35mm x 9mm bull-nosed cover mouldings are also available in 3.6 lm lengths.

Satin finish - each board is individually vacuum coated on all sides.  This water based UV coating process enhances the beautiful hardwood fine grain properties of the timber. The Satin finish has many advantages, such as low VOCs, a superior and durable finish, colour consistency and most importantly maintenance free.

Matte range - This Penetrating Oil process absorbs into the fine grain of the board on all sides, resulting in the most natural finish available today.  One of the advantages of this type of Oil finish is when re-application is required there is no sanding or preparation, merely wipe the boards down with a damp cloth and re-apply the penetrating oil.

Applications for our prefinished lining boards in both residential and commercial projects include interior feature ceilings, walls and exterior alfresco dining, porticos and verandahs.

In an era where environmental concerns, high labour costs and the need for a long lasting, quality product, our prefinished timber lining boards are the perfect solution.


Tongue & Groove (T&G) VJ profile cover widths 90mm and 130mm. 

Shiplap profile 129mm wide featuring a 10mm wide groove.

All boards are manufactured in 3.6 lm set lengths.*

These profiles are complimented by the choice of cover mouldings - bull-nosed cover strip (9mm x 35mm) or a square profile cover strip (15mm x 15mm or 25mm x 25mm square section) to complete the design.

Cover strips are available in 3.6 lm lengths to match our boards.


Matching cover trims available in 2 profiles - 35mm x 9mm bullnose edge and 15mm x 15mm square edge - 3.6 lm each

bullnose cover strip.png
square profile cover strips.png

*some boards include a seamless factory join.