Shiplap Timber Lining Boards | Timber Ceilings & Feature Walls

Achieve modern, clean linear lines for your space with our shiplap timber lining boards.

Incredible timber,
credible craftmanship.

Distinguished by its rebated edge that allows for easy interlocking and creates a clean, uniform appearance with a defined shadow line, shiplap timber lining boards are popular for creating a casual, timeless and textured look in various applications.

Transform your ceilings and walls with the versatility of our shiplap timber lining boards.

Seamlessly enhancing ceiling and wall aesthetics from rustic to contemporary, our tongue and groove shiplap timber lining boards are available in a collection of widths, stains and finishes, adding a timeless flair to interior and outdoor applications such as alfresco ceilings, eaves and soffits.

Discover our diverse range of shiplap timber lining board species and finishes.

Handcrafted from an array of timber species like Blackbutt, Royal Paulownia and Spotted Gum, and with various finishes available, you can achieve a truly customised and aesthetically pleasing timber ceiling and feature wall panelling with our shiplap timber lining boards.

ATC Interactive Simulator

Want to visualise shiplap timber lining boards with our interactive simulator?

Our innovative 3D rendering tool enables you to mix-and-match our collection of stains and shiplap timber lining board profiles to achieve the desired design of your timber ceiling and feature wall panelling.


Our heartwood.

ATC Timber Ceiling Linings Heartwood Stains Shapes

See the forest for the trees.

In design and construction, options can overwhelm.

We’ve worked hard to ‘dampen the noise’ around sampling and specifying timber features by distilling our product range into a simple yet versatile modularised framework: select timber species, stain, and finish – ultimately making our workshop your design sandpit.

ATC Timber Ceiling Linings Heartwood Workshop

Everything under one ceiling.

With a world rushing towards mass production, we’ve gone against the grain, holding the profound belief that it’s not about quantity, but quality - only truly achievable by having end-to-end control and capability in-house.

We take pride in liaising directly with all stakeholders through a project’s lifecycle, from concept to post-installation support. In our experience, this collaborative and accountable way of working mitigates common building complexities, ensuring limited lead times and satisfying budget mandates.

ATC Timber Ceiling Linings Heartwood Generations

From little acorns, mighty oaks grow.

Stemming from three generations in woodcraft, Australian Timber Ceilings proudly stands as an independent, family-owned and operated workshop.

Timeless principles and endless pioneering practices are deeply engrained in our humble but hungry team. This commitment is reflected in the continual refinement of our crafting and colouring capabilities and our steadfast reputation as a dependable partner in the design and build community.

Project Feature

Our 130mm profile in a Tasmanian Oak Lacquer effortlessly adds a touch of natural warmth to this cabin, seamlessly integrating the feature walls, interior ceilings and eaves.

Design — Smyth & Smyth
Build — New View Building Solutions
Photo — Ventose Films

Project Feature

Enhancing the rich, dark colour scheme, our 90mm profile in a Char Oil adds depth to the feature wall panelling and internal ceilings.

Design — Havendeen
Build — Studio Snell
Photo — Kristian van der Beek

Project Feature

Located on the Gold Coast, our 130mm profile in a Whitewash Lacquer beautifully lines the outdoor alfresco ceilings.

Design — Design Scout
Build — Neptune Homes
Photo — Hotel Miami

Project Feature

Adorning both the custom door and feature wall panelling, our 90mm profile in a Tasmanian Oak Lacquer transforms this entranceway.

Build — TyStyle Constructions
Photo — Rikki Lancaster