Artisans of architectural timber ceilings and feature walls

Incredible timber, credible craftsmanship

Australian Timber Ceilings specialise in handcrafting timber lining boards for architectural projects across Australia.

We’re a small family-owned team of woodworkers and designers where lively debates and passion underpin our unwavering commitment to world-class quality and service.

We thrive on collaborating, creating and crafting, so let’s talk about your project today.

Prefinished Collection


We’ve applied state-of-the-art manufacturing methods to one of the lightest and most dimensionally stable hardwoods to create our prefinished timber lining board collection.

This modularised collection enables users to overlay an array of oil and lacquer finishes to a variety of traditional and architectonic profiles. Refined simplicity.

Native Hardwood Range

All Species | Customisable Solutions

Australian Timber Ceilings can offer unmatched sourcing potential for hardwood species, locally or internationally. Coupled with our in-house machining and coating capabilities, we’re confident in consistently delivering a superior outcome for your project.

Seen a look you like? Send us your desired Instagram or Pinterest post and we’ll deliver the handcrafted solution in return.

Interactive Simulator

Low Risk | High Return

Our innovative 3D rendering tool enables you to visualise your tailored timber ceiling and feature wall before buying. Its intuitive interface allows you to experiment with our complete portfolio of products.

Like a look? Download and share your specifications sheet with us to receive pricing and samples.